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In This Essay, We Talk About Good Nutrition, Which Is A Fundamental Basic Activity That Living Organisms Carry Out And That Implies The Ingestion Of Food To Satisfy The Basic Nutritional Need In Order To Achieve The Essential Energy That We Need To Develop

. So, Without Food,


Living Beings Could Not Regulate Or Maintain Metabolic Functions And Consequently, We Could Not Enjoy Good Health. Food Is Necessary For All Living Beings, Both In Animals And In Humans. Good Nutrition Is One That Fully Satisfies The Needs Of The Person, Especially In Relation To Their Age.


For Example, In The Case Of Adults, It Is The One That Aims For Older People To Maintain The Weight They Must In Order To Prevent Some Conditions Associated With Poor Eating Habits, Or In The Case Of Children And Adolescents, They Propose A Diet That Contributes Directly To Growth Or Conforming Development.


A Good Diet Means That Your Body Obtains All The Nutrients, Vitamins, And Minerals It Needs To Work Properly.Knowing What Food Is And Its Importance For The Development And Maintenance Of Life, We Can Delve Into The Concept That Concerns Us ¨Good Food¨.


Food Is The Ingestion Of Food By Organisms To Provide Themselves With Their Nutritional Needs, Mainly To Obtain Energy And Develop. Food Should Not Be Confused With Nutrition, Since The Latter Occurs At The Cellular Level And The Former Is The Action Of Ingesting Food.


Nutrition Can Be Autotrophic Heterotrophic. Food Is An Important Thing In Our Life, As It Keeps Us Active And Energetic, It Is For This Reason That We Must Take Care Of Everything We Eat So That It Does Not Harm Us.


What Is Good Nutrition?

Good Nutrition Is The Action And Effect Of Eating, This Includes The Selection Of Food, Preparation Or Cooking, And Its Ingestion, Foods That Provide Substances That We Call Nutrients And Vitamins, Which Are Needed To Maintain Good Health And Prevent Diseases. 

All This Depends On The Needs Of Each Individual, Availability Of Said Foods, Religion, Culture, Economic And Social Situation, Among Others. Food Is A Voluntary Act Or Event, Which Is Learned Throughout Life And One Of The Most Fundamental In The World Of Living Beings, Due To Their Relationship To Their Daily Survival.

 Living Beings Need A Balanced Diet, In Addition To The Water That Is Vital, They Need An Adequate Diet Which Must Contain A Series Of Proteins, Carbohydrate Lipids, Vitamins, And Minerals Essential For Good Health And Life. 

Nowadays The Diet Is Extremely Unbalanced, Adding To This Sedentary Life Is The Cause Of Many Diseases. To Have A Good And Healthy Diet, The Food Pyramid Was Created, Which Were Created In The Early 1970s, And Have Been Modified Or Updated Over The Years, It Is Made Up Of Groups, Where The First Is Made Up Of Cereals,

 Rice, Followed By And Legumes, Then Oils And Fats, The Next Group Is Dairy Products And The Last Group Is Made Up Of Meats, Fish And Dried Legumes. They Can Vary According To The Type Of Living Being That We Are Talking About 




I consider that from a young age it is important to create a food habit that helps us to develop healthily, which provides the necessary nutrients for the body in the quantity and quality required.
 Being that by having a balanced diet we would avoid many diseases caused by poor diet and being overweight. Experts conclude that greens and vegetables provide our body with a large number of nutrients and that these foods are especially indicated for the prevention of different diseases. 

low in calories, they are ideal for maintaining an effective diet to combat the so-called epidemic of the XXI century, overweight and obesity, in fact, experts conclude that to date, using fruits, vegetables, and vegetables in the diet is the most effective solution to fight against these health-damaging problems.

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